Cross Process

As students of art history and avid consumers of contemporary art, we continued to notice a trend of exclusion, institutional editing and market favouritism in the Canadian art scene. After many late-night conversations regarding 'making it' in the city, and tiresome accounts of artist-friends losing hope for their chance to be exhibited or published, we set out to create a publication devoted to the fair payment, exposure and representation of emerging artists who either reside outside of the downtown core, or have journeyed to it in hopes of being discovered. Thus, Cross Process was born.

Cross Process is an independent, artist-run serial publication that exhibits the work of emerging artists in the GTA outside of the traditional gallery space. CP fosters conversation and collaboration between makers, writers, and thinkers, and contributes to the shift towards approaching the magazine as gallery, the artist as critic, and the contributor as curator.



  • Growing lack of gallery spaces available to emerging artists
  • Increase in commodification/marketability/saleability of artworks considered for shows
  • Overwhelming focus on downtown Toronto as the center of Ontario’s art scene (this is not inherently problematic, but often does not allow for surrounding areas to cultivate their own scenes; evidenced by the amount of artists moving from the suburbs to the city).
  • Belief that there is a large amount of innovative and interesting work being done in the suburbs and beyond; belief that still more could be done if there were a place to put it

In order to ensure our contributors are paid fairly for their work, Cross Process remains a not-for-profit organization and accepts donations to better the paycheques of our artists. 


Calin Stefan
Co-Founder/ Editor / Designer

Rachelle Sabourin
Co-Founder / Editor / Administrator