Issue 1 Contributors

Julia Huynh

Julia Huynh (b. 1993, Peterborough, Ontario) is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto. Through her practice, Huynh utilizes personal and familial imagery such as family photographs, home videos, and iPhone footage to address her concerns of identity and cultural diaspora. She questions what it means and feels to be Vietnamese, Canadian, Vietnamese-Canadian, and second generation. Huynh continues to examine how these labels influence how she accesses her parents' language and cultural practices.

Colin Canary

Colin Canary’s practice is informed by the visual and physical experiences presented to the viewer through the language of painting. Using variations of reductive form and colour, Canary encourages viewers to focus on the development and analysis of the picture plane. Repetitive linear motions build the compositions, revealing the painting's own making. Muted colour pallets either emphasize or convolute this presentation of process. Favouring the tactile qualities of thickly applied acrylic medium and an emphasis on primarily abstract imagery, this mode of working makes manifest the motion of the artist's hand pushed and pulled slowly across the support, slightly wavering and imperfect. Canary was born in Halifax, NS and moved to Toronto, ON in 2016 after completing his BFA at NSCAD.

Marina Stojkovic 

Marina Stojkovic was born in Serbia and raised in Toronto. Her upbringing existed in between the roots of two homes, always balancing. Her passion for the creative became apart of her life at a very young age. Art was the sole driving force for her expression, the way she saw the human connection and the broadening of ones’ eyes to the world. Stojkovic's main objective as an artist is to create work that speaks. Stojkovic's adaptation of human nature, temporality and connection are seen vividly in her use of colour and form, creating bridges between worlds and the bodies which inhabit them.

Martika Jabari

Martika Jabari is a 27-year-old mother of colour and a conceptual visual artist, originally from Mississauga, who creates each body of work with the intention to evoke emotion and deep thought. She has the ability to bring images from her imagination to life through the use of elaborate sets, natural light as well as digital production and post-production mediums. For Martika, the ultimate goal is to leave the audience wondering, "how did she do that?".

Jordyn Stewart

Jordyn Stewart is an emerging artist from the Niagara Region. Working predominately in video and performance, her practice is influenced by the body’s relationship with the spaces we inhabit. Stewart creates site-sensitive works, intersecting landscape interventions and playful narratives.